My Last School Trip 6 – Where there’s a Will.

Where there’s a Will there’s a way

Wearing my English teacher’s hat, may I ask you to note the ‘decoached’? Fake military usage, he did not get that from my English classes, nor the ‘bag acting suspiciously’, nor ‘it transpired’. PE teachers! You’ll have found a few more verbal infelicities, I’m sure.

There was more to our meeting than ever got written down – incident reports leave out the ‘Not fair’s, the ‘Nothing in the handout about no dogs’, or ‘Mr Turnstone said no rats, he never mentioned dogs’ .

It was true enough; Charlie had not thought to write anything about dogs in his handout. Drugging Scruffy up, of course, did not look good, but thankfully, no harm seemed to have been done. And, as I remarked pointedly, all those years before, when I’d last come, students’ dogs had been allowed. And Scruffy did not appear to want to round up sheep or chase cows.

A bell rang, a real one in the mill tower. ”Time to bring this meeting to a close,” I suggested, “with pleasing thoughts that in this moment there is life and food, as Will so neatly put it.”

“Will, Sir?”

I patted my pocket, where the book of romantic verse lay. ”Yes, Darren, Where there’s a Will there’s a way.”

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