A walk in Scotland – part one, the concrete jungle.

Mrs T and I went to Edinburgh for our son’s graduation from Heriot-Watt University: hence the hotel window views posted a few weeks ago. The night before the ceremony the map had led us close to our hotel but at a loss to navigate over car parks, road works, tram and train lines to reach it.  We did not want a repeat of that epic and we did not want to miss the ceremony through mistakenly driving to Glasgow, so we took to our feet, trusting the map.

The beginnings were not auspi1sta1 (640x355)cious:  we could see th1sta2 (390x640)e hills in the distance but the cold concrete building before us was Edinburgh Park railway station – with some of the friendliest staff on the Scotrail system, as we found on our subsequent rail journeys.

You can see Arthur’s Seat from the footbridge, but 2shops1 (640x360) the far side is a stretch of concrete jungle with an impressive rank of stainless steel bollards. The 1970s Communistic building at the back below left is the hotel we stayed in.2shops2 (640x446) We did not choose it for the view.

A sudden left turn led us out of the shopping area; 2shops3 (416x640) if it weren’t for the hint of green at the end of the alley, we might have been tempted not to follow it. The supermarket wished 2shops6 (588x640) us Goodbye so on we went.2shops5 (640x554)


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