A Walk in Scotland – Part 4 – to Journey’s End

4canal (29) (640x375)
Looking back along the canal from the bridge, only the well-laid path hints at the urban sprawl we started from. Had we continued walking toward that cloudy Western sky, we’d soon have been grateful for the shelter of another bridge, but
4canal (30) (640x310)

our walk away from the waterway passes these stone buildings – I have seen their like in Southern Ontario.

IMGP5219 (640x423)

IMGP5217 (640x387)

The lane soon meets a main road; we cross it and make for the Lodge.









IMGP5221 (640x496)IMGP5223 (640x492) Quite different in style! This was the entrance to the big estate around which the Heriot Watt University was built.

IMGP5224 (640x462) IMGP5226 (640x487) IMGP5229 (640x476) IMGP5231 (640x461)

The woods, with their rhododendrons and foxgloves,  hide the buildings where graduands have worked and played for four years. Their families are celebrating and enjoying Scotland, even if they have to wrap up warm to photograph their loved one with the piper.

IMGP5253 (640x591)IMGP5255 (640x492)IMGP5230 (640x188)  IMGP5240 (640x334)IMGP5241 (640x308)

IMGP5236 (640x251)

Our guide led us to a quiet corner of the campus, shared with oystercatchers, busily hunting worms inland. IMGP5238 (640x426) The rain had brought the worms to the surface, and now down it came again! No chance to sit on that inviting bench, so past a wet Watt, and into the hall to await the graduation ceremony. Well done, HDGB!

IMGP5254 (640x601)


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