Blackbird havoc

Yesterday afternoon we found Mrs T’s hanging basket had been attacked. This morning I caught the culprit on my phone camera: Mrs Blackird, gathering moss for nesting! She’ll be maming a home in the hedge.


2 thoughts on “Blackbird havoc

  1. willturnstone Post author

    Apologies for the late reply. We had refreshed the basket, only to find Mrs Blackbird had been raiding again. So it was put back together once more. On Friday 28th May, before I came to type a reply, more blackbird activity. Was it the first Mrs Blackbird, dissatisfied with her nest, or another building for her own second brood? I cannot tell, but we are on the corner of at least two territories. The cocks sing with great feeling, morning and evening, and chase each other about; perhaps two hens feel free to gather nesting material. The coconut fibres in another basket are also popular.


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