‘Connection’ by Galia Amsel – report from discussion group

Bishop Otter Scholar

Last Wednesday, 14th December, a group met to discuss Galia Amsel’s sculpture ‘Connection’, currently installed in the Baptistery in Chichester Cathedral. Sadly I was unable to lead this session; the following thoughts from the group were recorded by Tessa Cox, who led the group. Thank you Tessa!

  • The photograph on the information sheet [provided by the Cathedral] raises questions. Is it taken in Chichester Cathedral since the glass tubes appear to be different and the stained glass window behind appears to be from somewhere else? It becomes misleading when you begin to think about it and this uncertainty stirs a feeling of disbelief from the start.

  • From the photograph you were expecting to see something much larger and so in reality it is a little disappointing.

  • The industrial duct above seems less important, yet what are the reasons behind the artist’s decision to use black, ugly, even awful–looking material? It could…

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