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‘You’ve made my day’, said Mrs T.

George had just spotted a tadpole in the garden pond.

After a bunch of frog spawn had gone to Miss T’s Butterflies class of 4-5 year-olds, and another clump to our friend ‘Frog’, Mrs T was convinced that what remained was never going to hatch. Well, at least one egg has done what it was meant to do! This is how things looked a few weeks ago.

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  1. Frog

    Dear Mr and Mrs T, I am very glad your generosity did not deprive you of live tadpoles ! From the clump you gave us, we spotted 8 tadpoles some weeks ago. Now, it is not so easy to find them as the sun has encouraged the green algae to grow, but I can still spot some, considerably fatter. We also now have an adult resident frog, which fills me with joy. Thank you so much for sharing the frogspawn with us.

  2. willturnstone Post author

    Let’s hope the adult frog can persuade a mate to join it at your pond next year. Otherwise, come and get another clump of eggs if needed. Do you still have aerating weed?


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