The Noonday Croak

frog in grass

An hour ago, Mrs T sent me on a message to Frog’s   next-door neighbour’s house. A glorious sunny September noontime, roses tumbling over the fence, bees buzzing, as well as motor mowers.

I turned to go, and distinctly heard a frog croaking from Mrs T’s friend’s bushes. Perhaps Frog’s resident frog has not wandered too far from her little pond.

Abel found two of this year’s froglets in our pond yesterday!





5 thoughts on “The Noonday Croak

    1. willturnstone Post author

      Thank you Albert! Happy to raise a smile and raise a praise!

      We had our own croaking chorus as we sat outside to dine this evening.

      The lady who calls herself ‘Frog’ raised tadpoles from some of our frogspawn, and later recruited an adult volunteer; just like Mrs Turnstone, she feared it was lost. I guess she’ll be praising this evening, knowing he is around and happy enough to be singing.


      PS: Do drop in on ‘Frog’!

  1. Frog

    How wonderful ! I hear it croak too in my own garden but can never see it. I need to think of clearing my pond a bit, I have a green algae problem which barley straw doesn’t seem to help with. Maybe my robins have moved to the neighbour’s garden too.

  2. willturnstone Post author

    I think the robins will be setting out their territories soon, but they don’t see the world as we do. Hedges are corridors, for example. But when they want to be seen, singing to chase rivals, or to attract mates, they will be visible. Plenty of cover around your garden and A & P’s behind you; they’ll be back. Try a small water lily, or come for some duckweed to cover the surface of your pond. It will take over but it’s easier to scoop out than the algae.

    1. Frog

      I saw a plump robin yesterday, but I don’t think he / she wanted to be seen yet. Birds are the only reason I haven’t chopped that ivy to the ground, it drives me crazy and the fence needs replacing (no budget for that anyway). I have a mini water lily and some duckweed, thank you for offering ! I find duckweed very pretty, unlike the slimy green algae…


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