Last year, for reasons that now escape me, I took my beloved Brompton bike for a ride around Rye, across the border into Sussex, as a reflective part of my birthday celebration. I passed to the north of a field of sunflowers, which, being sun-worshippers, all had their backs to me.

This time, my seventieth year from heaven completed, we celebrated beneath these sunflowers at the L’Arche garden in Canterbury. This time, we were to the south of the blooms, and received the blessing of their faces, reflecting their master as they smiled upon us.

And a good time was had by all!

5 thoughts on “Sunflowers

  1. willturnstone Post author

    Thank you Frog! My birthday was Saturday, and my new grandson chose that evening to make his appearance. May he keep me young! And a mere stripling like yourself hardly has enough birthdays to be worth counting, but I hope you enjoyed your day. I’m sure the family will have spoilt you.


  2. willturnstone Post author

    Abel now has a cousin, living in Barham.
    Abel is really looking forward to meeting him, perhaps tomorrow.
    And congratulations on reaching the threshold of wisdom!



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