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Mrs T brought bags to church on Sunday, intending to gather pine cones for winter fire-lighting. This happens every year, you could almost set your watch by it. And then we got sidetracked.

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Following the success of her apricot jam, Mrs Turnstone has caught the preserving virus  from her daughters and husband. She gathered sloes on the way home, while I threw in rowan berries; with bramley apples the latter made a tart jelly that will go well with lamb or venison (fat chance of that, but I had to pass by on the other side when I saw a road-killed roebuck whilst on holiday!) The sloe and apple jelly will go well with meat – turkey or goose or duck.

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Then while I was at work Mrs T went out  to gather blackberries and elder to add to apples and a few sloes for a hedgerow jelly. Even on her own, she reported, she thoroughly enjoyed herself. Purple fingers! Making this jam 12 years ago in Shropshire started NAIB’s addiction. We threw in rose hips and haws on that occasion; the recipe is flexible.

Oh yes, we gathered pine cones too. It’s as well my brother Chris was not with us; I recall his ambushes over at our old blackberry patch, with cones whizzing part the ear, and knocking pots of berries over; but he did help make the jam when all was gathered in.


One of Those Years

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By no means every year does The Tree produce more than a dozen apricots. This is a good year so we were grateful to have a harvester on hand to give Mrs T a pleasant afternoon in the sun, preparing to make 20 jars of jam – we’ll be saving some in case we have a few lean years to come. Thank you, Son, for your hard work!

foraging again!

The first foraged jam of 2014 was loganberry and orange. Just one jar, from a handful of berries overhanging the street from the student let. I don’t think the young people knew the bush was there… a few days later, loganberry and grapefruit.

The family I visited today said, ‘That jam you gave us; it set us off using all the (foraged) fruit in the freezer. Gooseberry and Strawberry, that was special …’