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One of Those Years

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By no means every year does The Tree produce more than a dozen apricots. This is a good year so we were grateful to have a harvester on hand to give Mrs T a pleasant afternoon in the sun, preparing to make 20 jars of jam – we’ll be saving some in case we have a few lean years to come. Thank you, Son, for your hard work!

I Spy …

The 5 year-old Rhinos class invited me to join their school trip. On the way back I was invited to play ‘I Spy’ by Jake.

‘I spy with my little eye, something beginning with B.’

— Hmm, Let me think.

— ‘It’s bus, it’s bus! I got that one, so now it’s my turn! I spy with my little eye …’

From our Hotel Windows

Mrs Turnstone and I spent a few days in Scotland on the occasion of our son’s graduation. All our hotels were booked in advance from home. I’m sure you’ll be able to work out which ones were part of a nationwide chain and which were independent, if you join me in looking out of the bedroom windows.

You’ll also get an idea of the weather: we did enjoy sunshine each day. But then it did rain every day.  ‘What did you expect?’ said the first Scot I met once we were back home. ‘What did you expect?’ said the second Scot I met when we got back home.’ ‘Terrible bad summer’, said the people of the Highlands and Islands.

Edinburgh Park

Edinburgh Park

West Highland Hotel, Mallaig

West Highland Hotel, Mallaig

King's Arms, Kyleakin

King’s Arms, Kyleakin

Inverness City

Inverness City


Edinburgh Airport