Monthly Archives: February 2016

Valentine’s Day.


Tradition says that today is the birds’ wedding day. I was therefore glad to see a gull with his black head complete on my way to church; and then we sang ‘I will raise you up on eagles’ wings’. The abiding memory of that hymn is of a day walking in the Alps near Embrun, France. Away in the distance we saw two specks, circling in the sky. NAIB and her brother wanted to believe they were eagles. Footsore and weary at the end of the day, we heard a most unfamiliar screech from behind a hill crest, and then they appeared over the ridge: a golden eagle parent and fully grown chick. It wasn’t exactly the hills dancing for joy, but four humans, singing and dancing, all weariness lifted along with our hearts.

There were greenfinches singing in the bushes as I walked home.

Another eagle, near Annecy, France.