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The bee-loud glade


There is a buzz in Canterbury these days, at least wherever there are lime trees. Even mere humans can pick up the honeyed scent of the flowers, but the bees are loving it.

I harvested plenty from around Saint Mildred’s church for my lime flower tea, now drying on the spare bedroom floor. The trees around the church are far enough from the main road to have escaped the worst of the pollution. The drink is refreshing ice cold. There’s still time to harvest yours!

Even the bees.


Even the bees are feeling the spring in mid-February.

I hope it warms you too, even if another beast from the East appears next month. And there were worms and centipedes in the compost heap that Abel and I were harvesting. A day to be out of doors!

orange tips

Two orange-tipped insects this week: a male orange tipped butterfly fluttered by the garden as Mrs T was taking tea, and a queen red-tailed bumble bee who was preening in the sunshine when this picture was taken. Thanks to Anneliese Emmans Dean of theBigBuzz blog on wordpress for the idenification!

Fifty years ago I used to see both of these often in Hampshire, but I don’t remember the last time I saw one of these bees in Kent or anywhere else. I need to keep my eyes open!

Inline image

Another Commensal

There were a few screw holes left in our walls where fixtures were removed for the builders to get to work. One has been taken over by a line of parcels! IMGP4676Not brown paper but carefully cut scraps of rose leaf, each wrapping a food supply for the egg that the leaf-cutter bee has laid in there. This faces almost due North, so the outer larva will not roast to death.

That mother works hard for babies she’ll probably never know. And how well do we ever know our children? Off they go, God bless them, and how did they get like that?

Here is where you can send your sightings of bees in the United Kingdom: info@theBigBuzz.biz  or beecount@foe.co.uk . There is great concern that bees are losing ground in Britain.